This is the documentation for CDH 4.7.0.
Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

What's New in CDH4.1.4

This is a maintenance release that fixes a number of issues including the following:

  • HADOOP-5442 - The job history display needs to be paged

  • HADOOP-7108 - JobConf link broken in job history page

  • HDFS-4246 - The exclude node list should be more forgiving, for each output stream

  • HDFS-4304 - Make FSEditLogOp.MAX_OP_SIZE configurable

  • HDFS-4591 - Standby NN should not block clients while performing a checkpoint

  • HDFS-3277 - fsimage temporary checksum file is not renamed from .tmp to .md5

  • HDFS-4521 - Mismatch of topology script mappings can trigger HADOOP-8159 if hostname/IP mapping mismatches for the same DN

  • MAPREDUCE-4843 - When using DefaultTaskController, JobLocalizer not thread safe

  • MAPREDUCE-2217 - (Fixed case in which this bug leaves orphan processes hanging)

  • FLUME-1974 - Thrift compatibility issue with HBase-0.92

  • FLUME-1965 - Thrift sink alias doesn't exist

  • HBASE-8211 - Support for NN HA for 0.94

  • HBASE-6516 - hbck cannot detect any IOException while .tableinfo file is missing

  • HBASE-7018 - Fix and Improve TableDescriptor caching for bulk assignment (or part of it)

  • HBASE-5898 - Consider double-checked locking for block cache lock

  • HBASE-7369 - HConnectionManager should remove aborted connections