This is the documentation for CDH 4.7.0.
Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

What's New in CDH4.4.0

Oracle JDK 7 Support

As of Cloudera Manager 4.7 and CDH4.4, Cloudera now supports users running applications compiled with Oracle JDK 7 (JDK 1.7), with the following restrictions:
  • All CDH cluster nodes and services must be running a supported JDK 7 version.
  • All CDH cluster nodes and services must be running the same major version (that is, all deployed on JDK 6 or all deployed on JDK 7). For example, you cannot run Hadoop on JDK 6 while running Sqoop on JDK 7.
To make sure everything works correctly, symbolically link the directory where you install the JDK to /usr/java/default on Red Hat and similar systems, or to /usr/lib/jvm/default-java on Ubuntu and Debian systems.

For more information, see Supported JDK Versions.

Apache Flume

  • The new Morphline sink provides a heavyweight ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) framework using Cloudera Morphlines, and can write events out to Apache Solr (FLUME-2070).
  • The File Channel Integrity tool can now verify integrity of individual events in the File Channel, and remove corrupt events (FLUME-1586).
  • Communication between Avro Sink and Source can be secured using SSL (FLUME-997).
  • The File Channel now does group commits; this can improve performance in some cases (FLUME-1917)


  • Search application: You can search from Solr, Solr Cloud, and Cloudera Search, and customize the results with your own style and facets. Multiple indexes are supported, as well as query highlighting, and sorting.
  • HBase Browser: The HBase Browser application allows you to quickly browse huge tables and access any content. You can also create new tables, add data, modify existing cells, and filter data with the auto-completing search bar.
  • Sqoop2 application: The Sqoop2 application allows you to import and export data easily between databases and HDFS, and in a scalable way. The Job Wizard hides the complexity of creating Sqoop jobs and the dashboard provides a live progress indicator and log access.
Hue also includes the following improvements:

Apache Oozie

As of CDH4.4, the Oozie Hive action can be configured to work with HiveServer 2 using BeeLine. For more information, see the Hive Action documentation.

Apache Sentry (incubating)

CDH4.4 includes Sentry, which enables role-based, fine-grained authorization for HiveServer2 and Cloudera Impala. It provides classic database-style authorization for Hive and Impala.

Apache Sqoop

As of CDH4.4, Sqoop provides integration with HCatalog. See the section on HCatalog in the Sqoop User Guide.