This is the documentation for CDH 4.7.0.
Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Apache Hadoop Common

  Important: As of CDH4.3, there is no separate tarball for MRv1. Instead, the MRv1 binaries, examples, etc., are delivered in the Hadoop tarball itself. The scripts for running MRv1 are in the bin-mapreduce1 directory in the tarball, and the MRv1 examples are in the examples-mapreduce1 directory.
  • HADOOP-8689 changed Trash so that the server's fs.trash.interval configuration value is always respected, even if the client configures a different fs.trash.interval value or does not configure fs.trash.interval at all.
  • HADOOP-6201 changed the FileSystem#listStatus method to throw FileNotFoundException when the file is not found, rather than returning null. Clients need to review usage of this method and update their code to handle this case.
  • The Hadoop shell was reworked for consistency between commands, better error checking, Posix conformance, and parity with standard shell behavior and output. Standardizing and improving the FsShell may lead to some incompatibilities for user code. See the document Fs Shell Impact for details.