This is the documentation for CDH 4.6.0.
Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Apache Hive

CDH4.2.0 and later releases include Hive version 0.10. Upgrading to Hive 0.10 requires a metastore schema upgrade.

The following table shows the Hive version changes over the past several CDH releases, and indicates those that require a schema upgrade.

CDH release

Hive version

Schema upgrade required?


Hive 0.7



Hive 0.8



Hive 0.9



Hive 0.10


This means that all upgrades from CDH3 to CDH4x, and from CDH4.0.x or CDH4.1.x to CDH4.2.0 or later, require a schema upgrade.


You must upgrade the metastore schema before starting the new version of Hive. Failure to do so may result in metastore corruption.

See Upgrading Hive for more information.

The following are additional incompatible changes between CDH3.x and CDH4.x:

  • The upgrade of Hive from CDH3 to CDH4 requires several manual steps. Please be sure to follow the upgrade guide closely. See Upgrading Hive.
  • HIVE-2185 changes the Serializer and Deserializer interfaces. Any SerDes that were compiled against the old CDH3 interfaces must be recompiled against the new CDH4 interfaces in order to work with Hive 0.8 or later.
  • There is an incompatibility between HiveServer and HiveServer2 in the implementation of the JDBC API:
    • The HiveServer2 implementation for DatabaseMetaData.getTables() ignores the catalog name passed in and treats the schema name the same as the database name.
    • HiveServer ignores the schema-pattern value and uses the catalog name to filter tables.