This is the documentation for CDH 5.1.0.
Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Build and Release Numbering

If you are installing CDH 5 with a package manager, you will also see build and release information as part of the file name. The build and package release fields follow the patch level: for example, hbase-0.92.0+8-1.cdh4.0.0b2.p0.14.el6.noarch.rpm. The suffix -1.cdh4.0.0b2.p0.14.el6.noarch represents:

  • the base of the release field (1)
  • the CDH release (cdh4.0.0b2)
  • the customer patch identifier (p0 — which will be 0 for all regular CDH releases but will increment for customer patches)
  • the build number (14)
  • the distribution (el6 = RHEL/CentOs 6, el5 = RHEL/Centos 5, sles11 = SLES 11
  • the processor architecture (noarch, x86_64, i386, amd_64). noarch means the packages are not architecture-specific.

For CDH3, only the release field (usually 1) and processor architecture appear in the file name.