This is the documentation for CDH 5.1.0.
Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

What's New in CDH 5.0.1

This is a maintenance release that fixes the following issues:

  • HADOOP-10442 - Group look-up can cause segmentation fault when a certain JNI-based mapping module is used.
  • HADOOP-10456 - Bug in exposed by Spark (ConcurrentModificationException)
  • HDFS-5064 - Standby checkpoints should not block concurrent readers
  • HDFS-6039 - Uploading a File under a Dir with default ACLs throws "Duplicated ACLFeature"
  • HDFS-6094 - The same block can be counted twice towards safe mode threshold
  • HDFS-6231 - DFSClient hangs infinitely if using hedged reads and all eligible DataNodes die
  • HIVE-6495 - TableDesc.getDeserializer() should use correct classloader when calling Class.forName()
  • HIVE-6575 - select * fails on parquet table with map data type
  • HIVE-6648 - Fixed permission inheritance for multi-partitioned tables
  • HIVE-6740 - Fixed addition of Avro JARs to classpath
  • HUE-2061 - Task logs are not retrieved if containers not on the same host
  • OOZIE-1794 - java-opts and java-opt in the Java action don't always work properly in YARN
  • SOLR-5608 - Frequently reproducible failures in CollectionsAPIDistributedZkTest#testDistribSearch
  • YARN-1924 - STATE_STORE_OP_FAILED happens when ZKRMStateStore tries to update app(attempt) before storing it

Enabling SSL in CDH 5: Enabling HTTPS communication in CDH 5 requires extra configuration properties to be added to YARN (yarn-site.xml and mapred-site.xml) and HDFS (hdfs-site.xml), in addition to the existing configuration settings described here.