What's New in Cloudera Manager 4.0.2

Cloudera Manager 4.0.2 includes the following new features:

  • One security issue has been fixed: see Known Issues Fixed In Release 4.0.2 for details.

  • SSH connections can now use keyboard-interactive authentication with Cloudera Manager. That is, if the SSH server on your hosts is configured with keyboard-interactive authentication, you can select the All hosts accept the same password option in the Installation, Add Host, and Upgrade wizards and Cloudera Manager will authenticate properly now. This functionality enables you to use customized password prompts with Cloudera Manager.

  • You can now configure the system user accounts you want to use to run a service's processes. For example, on the Hue > Configuration tab, you can configure the user account for the System User and System Group properties that you want to use to run Hue Service processes.

  • There are changes to a few default configuration values for CDH4.

  • The MapReduce Usage by User report listed in the Reports tab is now much faster.

  • The memory usage of the Reports Manager has been significantly improved.

  • Role-level audit events now contain information about the host on which they were executed.