What's New in Cloudera Manager 4.5.2

  • A number of bugs have been fixed: see Known Issues Fixed In Release 4.5.2 for details.
  • Support for Cloudera Impala version 1.0. Impala 1.0 requires CDH4.1.x or CDH 4.2.x. Cloudera Manager 4.5.2 only supports Impala 1.0; if you upgrade from an earlier version of Cloudera Manager, and were using Impala, you must also upgrade Impala to version 1.0. Previous beta versions of Impala are no longer supported as of the release of Impala 1.0.
  • Cloudera Manager will now configure Hive to leverage the ZooKeeper service to guard against potential corruption caused by concurrent usage of Hive, if there is a ZooKeeper service in the cluster. This can be specified as a new Hive configuration, or Cloudera Manager can use the ZooKeeper dependency from HDFS. When upgrading to Cloudera Manager 4.5.2, Hive will try to find a suitable ZooKeeper instance if none is currently set in HDFS. You will need to restart Hive and re-deploy client configs to pick up the new concurrency configuration. Without this configuration, you can get corruption in Hive in concurrent scenarios, so it is strongly recommended that Hive is configured with a ZooKeeper dependency.