What's New in Cloudera Manager 4.0.3

Cloudera Manager 4.0.3 includes the following new features:

  • You can use the System User and System Group properties in the Configuration tab to configure the system user and group that the Oozie, HBase, YARN, MapReduce, and HDFS processes run as.

  • There are two new commands on the Actions menu in the Hue service called Dump Database and Load Database that make it easier to migrate Hue's default SQLite database to a MySQL database. The Dump Database command enables you to export Hue's default SQLite database to a file, and the Load Database command enables you to load it into a MySQL database.

  • A few more configuration parameters for services are now available:

  • mapreduce.job.counters.limit and mapred.user.jobconf.limit in the MapReduce > Configuration tab

  • Oozie Admin Port in the Oozie > Configuration tab

  • The gathering of Hadoop metrics has been greatly improved.

  • The Reserved Space for Non DFS Use property in the HDFS > Configuration tab is now automatically configured.

  • The cluster upgrade process has been made more robust. A host in bad health no longer blocks the upgrade process, but instead now returns a warning message.

  • Some additional properties have been added to enable searching for users and their group membership in an OpenLDAP-compliant directory, rather than simply attempting to authenticate the user using a single Distinguished Name pattern. This means Cloudera Manager can authenticate users who are members of different Organization Units, for example. The additional properties include a Bind DN and Bind Password, as well as base DNs and search filters for searching for both users and group membership. These new properties are located on the Administration > Properties page.

  • You can now use a script to customize the mechanism that Cloudera Manager uses to obtain Kerberos keytabs for hosts and services. To have Cloudera Manager invoke your script for retrieving the keytabs, specify the path to the script in the new configuration property called Custom Kerberos Keytab Retrieval Script in the Administration Properties tab of the Cloudera Manager Admin Console. The principal names in the keytabs returned by the script must conform to the syntax: <serviceUser>/<fqdn>@<REALM> and HTTP/<fqdn>@<REALM> (in CDH4). For example, hdfs/fully.qualified.domain.name@YOUR-REALM.COM. For more information about the syntax of keytabs in CDH4, see Configuring Hadoop Security in CDH4. For more information about the syntax of keytabs in CDH3, see Configuring Hadoop Security in CDH3.