This is the documentation for Cloudera Manager 4.8.3.
Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Alert Settings

The Alerts page (found under the Administration tab) provides a summary of the settings for alerts in your clusters.

  • Pull down the Administration tab and select Alerts.

Alert Type The left column lets you select by alert type (Health, Log, or Activity) and within that by service instance. In the case of Health alerts, you can look at alerts for Hosts as well. You can select an individual service to see just the alert settings for that service.

Health/Log/Activity Alert Settings Depending on your selection in the left column, the right hand column show you the list of alerts that are enabled or disabled for the selected service type.

To change the alert settings for a service, click the edit icon ( images/image62.png ) next to the service name. This will take you to the Monitoring section of the Configuration tab for the service. From here you can enable or disable alerts and configure thresholds as needed.

Recipients You can also view the list of recipients configured for the enabled alerts. Again, click the edit icon ( images/image62.png ) at the top of this list to go to the Alert Publisher configuration settings, where you can modify the list of recipients.

If you want to verify that the recipients will actually receive an alert, click the Send Test Alert link under the list of recipients. This will send a test alert to all recipients in the list.