This is the documentation for Cloudera Manager 4.8.3.
Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Viewing Role Instance Status

To view status for a role instance:

  • Select a service instance to display the Status page for that service.
  • Click the Instances tab.
  • From the list of roles, select one to display that role instance's Status page.

The Actions Menu

The Actions menu provides a list of commands relevant to the role type you are viewing. These commands typically include Stopping, Starting, or Restarting the role instance, accessing the Web UI for the role, and may include many other commands, depending on the role you are viewing.

The Actions menu is available from the Role Status page only when you are viewing Current time status. The menu is disabled if you are viewing a point of time in the past.

Viewing Past Status

The status and health information shown on this page represents the state of the service or role instance at a given point in time. The exceptions are the charts tabs, which show information for the time range currently selected on the Time Range Selector (which defaults to the past 30 minutes). By default, the information shown on this page is for the current time. You can view status for a past point in time simply by moving the time marker () to a point in the past.

When you move the time marker to a point in the past (for Services/Roles that support health history), the Health Status clearly indicates that it is referring to a past time. A Now button () enables you to quickly switch to view the current state of the service. In addition, the Actions menu is disabled while you are viewing status in the past – to ensure that you cannot accidentally take an action based on outdated status information. See Time Line for more details.

You can also view past status by clicking the Show in the Health Tests and Health History panel.

Service Summary

The Service Summary panel provides basic information about the role instance, where it resides, and the health of its host.

All role types provide the Summary panel. Some role instances related to HDFS, MapReduce, and HBase also provide a Health Tests panel and associated charts.

Health Tests and Health History

The Health Tests and Health History panels are shown for roles that are related to HDFS, MapReduce, or HBase. Roles related to other services such as Hue, ZooKeeper, Oozie, and Cloudera Manager itself, do not provide a Health Tests panel. The Health Tests panel shows health test results in an expandable/collapsible list, typically with the specific metrics that the test returned. (You can Expand All or Collapse All from the links at the upper right of the Health Tests panel).

  • The color of the text (and the background color of the field) for a Health Test result indicates the status of the results. The tests are sorted by their health status – Good, Concerning, Bad, or Disabled. The list of entries for Good and Disabled health tests are collapsed by default; however, Bad or Concerning results are shown expanded.
  • The text of a health test also acts as a link to further information about the test. Clicking the text will pop up a window with further information, such as the meaning of the test and its possible results, suggestions for actions you can take or how to make configuration changes related to the test. The help text for a health test also provides a link to the relevant monitoring configuration section for the service. See Configuring Monitoring Settings for more information.
  • In the Health Tests panel:
    • Clicking displays the lists of health checks that contributed to the health test.
    • Clicking the small heatmap icon () to the right of some of the tests takes you to a heatmap display that lets you compare the values of the relevant test result metrics across the nodes of your cluster.
  • In the Health History panel:
    • Clicking displays the lists of health checks that contributed to the health history.
    • Clicking the Show link moves the time range to the historical time period.

Status Summary

The Status Summary panel reports a roll-up of the status of all the roles.


Charts are shown for roles that are related to HDFS, MapReduce, HBase, ZooKeeper, Flume, and Cloudera Management services. Roles related to other services such as Hue, Hive, Oozie, and YARN, do not provide charts.

See Viewing Charts for Cluster, Service, Role, and Host Instances for detailed information on the charts that are presented, and the ability to search and display metrics of your choice.