This is the documentation for Cloudera Manager 4.8.2.
Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Configuring and Managing Individual Services

The following sections cover the configuration and management of individual CDH and other services, that have specific and unique requirements or options. This section includes information about configuring and managing the following:

  • HDFS: Covers the configuration and management of HDFS High Availability and Federated NameServices.
  • MapReduce: Covers configuring High Availability for the Job Tracker.
  • Hive: Provides an overview of the use of the Hive Metastore server. Also covers configuring Hive authorization with Sentry.
  • YARN (MapReduce v2): Covers adding MRv2 as a service and modifying the priority value so that MRv2 has priority over MR v1.
  • Flume: Covers adding Flume as a service and configuring the Flume agents.
  • Impala: Covers additional configuration settings related to Impala's use of Hive. Also covers deploying Impala with Hue.
  • Cloudera Search (Solr): Covers adding the Solr server as a service.
  • HBase: Covers creating the root directory, gracefully shutting down the HBase service, and enabling HBase indexing..
  • Oozie: Covers enabling the Oozie web console, and enabling SSL
  • The Lily HBase Indexer: Covers adding the indexer service to your cluster.
  • Hue: Covers enabling Hue applications such as Sqoop2, the HBase browser application, Impala, and Search.

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