This is the documentation for Cloudera Manager 5.1.0.
Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

The HBase Service

Cloudera Manager requires certain additional steps to set up and configure the HBase service.

Creating the HBase Root Directory

Required Role:

When adding the HBase service, the Add Service wizard automatically creates a root directory for HBase in HDFS. If you quit the Add Service wizard or it does not finish, you can create the root directory outside the wizard by doing these steps:

  1. Choose Create Root Directory from the Actions menu in the HBase > Status tab.
  2. Click Create Root Directory again to confirm.

Graceful Shutdown

Required Role:

A graceful shutdown of an HBase RegionServer allows the regions hosted by that RegionServer to be moved to other RegionServers before stopping the RegionServer. Cloudera Manager provides the following configuration options to perform a graceful shutdown of either an HBase RegionServer or the entire service.

Gracefully Shutting Down an HBase RegionServer

  1. Go to the HBase service.
  2. Click the Instances tab.
  3. From the list of Role Instances, select the RegionServer you want to shut down gracefully.
  4. Select Actions for Selected > Decommission (Graceful Stop).
  Note: To simply shut down a RegionServer without moving regions off it, select Actions for Selected > Stop. This is only recommended if graceful shutdown isn't working for some reason, since this can cause regions to become temporarily unavailable.

Gracefully Shutting Down the HBase Service

  1. Go to the HBase service.
  2. Select Actions > Stop. This tries to perform an HBase Master-driven graceful shutdown for the length of the configured Graceful Shutdown Timeout (three minutes by default), after which it abruptly shuts down the whole service.

Configuring the Graceful Shutdown Timeout Property

Required Role:

This timeout only affects a graceful shutdown of the entire HBase service, not individual RegionServers. Therefore, if you have a large cluster with many RegionServers, you should strongly consider increasing the timeout from its default of 180 seconds.

  1. Go to the HBase service.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Under the Service-Wide category, scroll down to the Graceful Shutdown Timeout property and click on the current Value to change it.
  4. Click Save Changes to save this setting.

Adding the HBase Thrift Server

Required Role:

The Thrift Server role is not added by default when you install HBase. To add the Thrift Server role:
  1. Go to the HBase service.
  2. Click the Instances tab.
  3. Click the Add Role Instances button.
  4. Select the host(s) where you want to add the Thrift Server role (you only need one for Hue) and click Continue. The Thrift Server role should appear in the instances list for the HBase server.
  5. Select the Thrift Server role instance.
  6. Select Actions for Selected > Start.

Enabling HBase Indexing

Required Role:

HBase indexing is dependent on the Key-Value Store Indexer service. The Key-Value Store Indexer service uses the Lily HBase NRT Indexer to index the stream of records being added to HBase tables. Indexing allows you to query data stored in HBase with the Solr service.

  1. Go to the HBase service.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Select the Backup category.
  4. Check the properties for Enable Replication and Enable Indexing, and click Save Changes.

Configuring Short-Circuit Reads

Required Role:

So-called "short-circuit" reads bypass the DataNode, allowing the client to read the file directly, as long as the client is co-located with the data. Short-circuit reads provide a substantial performance boost to many applications and help improve your HBase random read profile.

  Note: Short-circuit reads are enabled by default in Cloudera Manager.
  1. Go to the HDFS service.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Type "shortcircuit" into the Search field to display the Enable HDFS Short Circuit Read property, and verify that this feature is enabled (set to True).
  4. Go to the HBase service.
  5. Click the Configuration tab.
  6. Search for "shortcircuit".
  7. Verify that the Enable HDFS Short Circuit Read property is enabled.

Adding a Custom Coprocessor

Required Role:

The HBase coprocessor framework provides a way to extend HBase with custom functionality. The following properties can be configured for HBase custom coprocessors from the Configuration tab for the HBase service:

  • Click Service Wide > Advanced > HBase Coprocessor Abort on Error to configure the hbase.coprocessor.abortonerror property.
  • Click Master Default Group > Advanced > HBase Coprocessor Master Classes to configure the hbase.coprocessor.master.classes property.
  • Click RegionServer Default Group > Advanced > HBase Coprocessor Region Classes to configure the hbase.coprocessor.region.classes property.

The descriptions for each of these properties on the configuration pages provide more information.