Announcing Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop Version 3


New Release Lowers Barriers to Apache Hadoop Adoption, Accelerates Time-to-Value and Sets a New Standard for Hadoop-Based Data Management Platforms

SANTA CLARA, CA – (Marketwire – June 29, 2010) – Hadoop Summit – Cloudera, a leading provider of Hadoop-based data management software and services, today announced the third version of Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (CDH). Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop version 3 is the most comprehensive Hadoop-based data management platform on the market.

Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop v3 consists of core Apache Hadoop and 8 additional open source projects, all tested and integrated into a platform that is easy to install and use. Cloudera’s Distribution lowers the bar for Hadoop adoption and usage in the enterprise.

“Cloudera has gained deep experience in the market working with customers to deploy Hadoop in their organizations and has learned how to use Hadoop effectively,” said Doug Cutting, creator of Apache Hadoop and Architect at Cloudera. “CDH v3 is our response. It includes the most appropriate enterprise-grade add-on projects that enhance the core Apache Hadoop framework and make it easier for any organization to use.”

Cloudera is also announcing the creation of two new open source projects as part of Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop. The company is releasing Flume, its data loading infrastructure, and its Hadoop User Environment (HUE) code under the Apache V2 open source license. These additions simplify data acquisition and make it much easier to build attractive user interfaces for Hadoop applications.

“As organizations increasingly struggle to extract value from an ever expanding sea of data, more and more of them are turning to Hadoop,” said Stephen O’Grady of RedMonk. “Cloudera’s new offerings lower the barrier to entry for enterprises looking to deploy Hadoop in production environments.”

The 8 additional projects address important requirements organizations have which ease the adoption of Hadoop. Additional projects in CDH v3 include Hive, HBase, Sqoop, Oozie, Flume, Zookeeper, Pig, and Hue.

These projects address deployment requirements in the area of data integration, workflow, scheduling, high-level languages, serialization UI, fast read / write and RPC. All of these components are selected because they dramatically simplify Hadoop deployment. All are integrated and tested together at scale.

“Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop provides Apollo Group with the key functionality we need to take full advantage of Hadoop for analyzing our academic data,” said Dr. Satish Menon, Senior VP and head of Apollo’s Silicon Valley R&D Center. “With Cloudera’s distribution we can get to critical insights faster.”

“We teamed up with Cloudera because we’re both committed to making Hadoop accessible and easy to use,” said Martin Hall, CEO at Karmasphere. “Cloudera Enterprise takes the pain out of operating large, complex Hadoop clusters and simplifies the entire process with its new data management tools.”

“Greenplum Chorus is a next generation data collaboration platform which is well complemented by the Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop. We are increasingly seeing customers deploy the Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop alongside Greenplum products for data staging, processing and MapReduce analytics,” said Scott Yara, President of Greenplum. “Cloudera’s expansion in the scope of what defines a Hadoop platform is exciting and better enables Hadoop users everywhere.”

“The Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop is quickly gaining momentum because it provides a stable foundation for enterprises to collect, store and analyze large amounts of data,” said Tom Leonard, EVP Business Development at Pentaho. “The Pentaho BI Suite is a perfect complement and we are excited to partner with Cloudera to make it easier for organizations of all sizes to integrate additional data sources and enable a wider population of users to realize value via analysis, reporting and dashboards — either on premise or via the cloud.”

About Cloudera

Cloudera, the leader in Apache Hadoop-based software and services, enables data driven enterprises to easily derive business value from all their structured and unstructured data. Cloudera's Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH), available to download for free at, is the most comprehensive, tested, stable and widely deployed distribution of Hadoop in commercial and non-commercial environments. For the fastest path to reliably using this completely open source technology in production for Big Data analytics and answering previously un-addressable big questions, organizations can subscribe to Cloudera Enterprise, comprised of Cloudera Manager software and Cloudera Support. Cloudera also offers training and certification on Apache technologies, as well as consulting services. As the top contributor to the Apache open source community and with tens of thousands of nodes under management across customers in financial services, government, telecommunications, media, web, advertising, retail, energy, bioinformatics, pharma/healthcare, university research, oil and gas and gaming, Cloudera's depth of experience and commitment to sharing expertise are unrivaled.

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