Cloudera and Teradata Announce Partnership to Link the Industrie's Leading Distribution for Hadoop and the Teradata Data Wa


Partnership empowers organizations to easily capture and integrate complex data into data warehouse using Hadoop

Palo Alto, Calif. – Sept. 15, 2010 – Cloudera, a leading provider of Hadoop-based data management software and services, and Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the world’s largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics, today announced an agreement to connect Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (CDH) to Teradata’s data warehouse, making it possible for customers to capture, integrate and analyze new sources of detailed data for deeper business insight.

Under the terms of the agreement, Cloudera and Teradata will work with common customers to build a two-way exchange of data between CDH and the data warehouse. Parallel processing frameworks have a natural affinity to parallel data warehouses – both are needed to handle massive amounts of data. Customers deploying both parallel technologies are inventing new applications and will enjoy a competitive advantage.

“Teradata customers are using Apache Hadoop as a method of processing primarily high volumes of unstructured data,” said Scott Gnau, chief development officer, Teradata. “It wasn’t long before my phone rang and those customers wanted to integrate these new insights into their data warehouses. Teradata Labs has been working on this, and our efforts led us to Cloudera.”

Customers are looking to Hadoop to provide an additional capability to their existing warehouses, giving them new analysis and storage functionality for complex data types. They realize that these technologies complement each other and fill specific needs within the datacenter for data storage and analysis.

“Our customers use Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop to sift through oceans of complex data in parallel. By integrating with the Teradata Database, those results can now be connected to customer profiles, financial metrics and operational insights to perform analyses that were previously not possible,” said Mike Olson, chief executive officer, Cloudera.“The market is demanding that these leading technologies be tightly integrated to support new storage and analysis requirements.”

The Teradata Connector will be bundled with Cloudera Enterprise and available at no additional cost. Cloudera will offer commercial support for the Teradata Connector as part of the Cloudera Enterprise subscription.

CDH is the most comprehensive and broadly adopted Hadoop-based platform on the market, lowering the barrier to Hadoop adoption by making it simple to install and easy to integrate into the datacenter. It consists of core Apache Hadoop and eight additional open source projects, all tested and integrated into a single platform, making it the most complete Hadoop-based distribution. For more information about CDH, visit

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About Teradata

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the world’s largest company solely focused on raising intelligence and achieving enterprise agility through its database software, enterprise data warehousing, data warehouse appliances, consulting, and enterprise analytics. Visit Teradata on the web at

About Cloudera

Cloudera, the leader in Apache Hadoop-based software and services, enables data driven enterprises to easily derive business value from all their structured and unstructured data. Cloudera's Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH), available to download for free at, is the most comprehensive, tested, stable and widely deployed distribution of Hadoop in commercial and non-commercial environments. For the fastest path to reliably using this completely open source technology in production for Big Data analytics and answering previously un-addressable big questions, organizations can subscribe to Cloudera Enterprise, comprised of Cloudera Manager software and Cloudera Support. Cloudera also offers training and certification on Apache technologies, as well as consulting services. As the top contributor to the Apache open source community and with tens of thousands of nodes under management across customers in financial services, government, telecommunications, media, web, advertising, retail, energy, bioinformatics, pharma/healthcare, university research, oil and gas and gaming, Cloudera's depth of experience and commitment to sharing expertise are unrivaled.

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