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Get the inside track on accelerating your data journey. In this recording, we share best practices, practical advice, and workshops led by data experts. Learn how to Think Big, Start Smart, and Iterate Often.

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Be smart about your big data strategy at every stage of your journey. Lean on our experienced Cloudera experts to help you build real-world solutions with the industry’s only predictive support program.


Our worldwide team of skilled Hadoop experts resprents the industry's largest, most experienced support team dedicated solely to your success.


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The best support prevents issues before they occur. Turn support into a strategic advantage with your Cloudera Diagnostic Bundles.


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Eliminate hassle with customized onboarding, performance, and technical guidance plans derived from known issues and usage patterns.


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Blended Learning

A new approach for big data training


Combine the flexibility of self-paced learning and the benefits of live Instructor-led sessions with Blended Learning from Cloudera University. Blended Learning courses for developers, administrators, and data analysts now open for registration.


Thomson Reuters

Separating fact from fiction


Thomson Reuters, which works to help journalists and industry professionals find trusted answers among all the noise on social media, turned to Cloudera-powered machine learning and advanced analytics to solve the challenge of separating real news from fake news as well as uncovering breaking news in milliseconds.  




“Cloudera provides us with state-of-the-art technology to help us analyze data, synthesize text, and extract value and meaning from data to deliver the insights that our customers are looking for...taking less than 40 milliseconds to capture and detect events.”

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