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Cloudera offers a variety of materials on big data consolidation, storage and processing. The library includes high-level overviews as well as detailed information on Apache Hadoop and the surrounding ecosystem.

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    Capgemini Solution Brief
    • Thursday, Oct 24 2013
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    • Category: Document, Data Sheets
    Capgemini and Cloudera are collaborating to deliver end-to-end Big Data solutions that will help organizations achieve significant additional value from their data in return for relatively low capital investment.
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    TDWI Best Practices Report: Managing Big Data
    • Thursday, Oct 17 2013
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    • Category: Document, Analyst Reports, Data warehousing offload, Data hub
    The purpose of this report is to accelerate users’ understanding of data management in the age of big data. TDWI assumes that most of the best-known practices for data management still apply to managing big data— albeit with adjustments. A number of new best practices for managing big data are also emerging. Many of these are described in this report.
  3. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/recordedwebinar/r-hadoop--ask-bigger--and-new--questions/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1384816992624.png
    R+Hadoop: Ask Bigger (and New) Questions, Get Better, Faster Answers
    • Wednesday, Oct 16 2013
    • Category: Video, Recorded Webinars, Presentation
    Revolution Analytics and Cloudera allow you to derive new business insights from Big Data by providing a joint solution to store, process, and analyze all your data at scale.
  4. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/recordedwebinar/how-big-data-analytics-complement-your-existing-data-warehouse/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1396637710227.png
    How Big Data Analytics Complement Your Existing Data Warehouse
    • Wednesday, Oct 16 2013
    • Category: Cloudera Manager, Cloudera Enterprise, Video, Recorded Webinars, Product Demos, Data warehousing offload
    Datameer and Cloudera discuss how Hadoop and big data analytics can help to get all the data your business needs quickly into one environment, shorten the time to insight from months to days, extend the life of your existing data warehouse investments, and enable your business analysts to ask and answer bigger questions.
  5. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/aboutcloudera/cloudera-impala-ebook/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1382810138572.png
    O'Reilly eBook: Cloudera Impala
    • Monday, Oct 14 2013
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    • Category: Document, CDH, About Cloudera
    Learn about Cloudera Impala––an open source project that's opening up the Apache Hadoop software stack to a wide audience of database analysts, users, and developers. The Impala massively parallel processing (MPP) engine makes SQL queries of Hadoop data simple enough to be accessible to analysts familiar with SQL and to users of business intelligence tools––and it’s fast enough to be used for interactive exploration and experimentation.
  6. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/video/informatica-big-data-series-the-challenges-of-big-data--hadoop/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1396482721469.png
    Informatica Big Data Series: #1 - The Challenges of Big Data & Hadoop
    • Monday, Oct 14 2013
    • Category: Video
    The importance of developer skill sets and the challenge to balance innovation with the ability to adopt a rapidly evolving platform.
  7. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/video/informatica-big-data-series-future-vision/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1396482602406.png
    Informatica Big Data Series: #4 - Future Vision
    • Monday, Oct 14 2013
    • Category: Video
    A brief exploration of the importance of enterprise capabilities such as enhanced security, interactive processing, and search plus the trend towards the democratization of data, self-service data and a single platform for data workloads.
  8. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/video/informatica-big-data-series-applications-and-analytics/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1396482582689.png
    Informatica Big Data Series: #3 - Applications and Analytics
    • Monday, Oct 14 2013
    • Category: Video
    This video speaks to data warehouse optimization and great applications for Big Data analytics.
  9. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/video/informatica-big-data-series-market-landscape/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1396482557975.png
    Informatica Big Data Series: #2 - Market Landscape
    • Monday, Oct 14 2013
    • Category: Video
    Moving from the POC to mission-critical apps, plus the evolution of the Hadoop ecosystem and the need for common metadata and common tools.
  10. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/casestudy/revolution-analytics-solution-overview/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1381181973484.png
    Revolution Analytics Solution Overview
    • Monday, Oct 07 2013
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    • Category: Document
    This solutions overview highlights how Revolution Analytics, together with Cloudera, brings the power of R and advanced analytics to Apache Hadoop.