Why Open Source Matters

Learn how and why your vendor's involvement in the open source community has a long-term positive impact on your ability to get the most possible value from your Hadoop deployment.

Date: Thursday, Apr 25 2013


Today, software for every layer of the enterprise stack is available under a permissive open source license. In fact, the world’s most popular OS (Linux), Web server (Apache HTTP Server), relational database (MySQL), and Cloudera's Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH from Cloudera – downloaded more than all alternatives combined) are all open source software.

Many people intuitively recognize the surface benefits of source code being available for inspection and modification. However, for enterprise software buyers, it’s also important to understand how deep, direct involvement by your support vendor in the open source development process, properly conceived for customer benefit, has a tangible impact beyond the simple availability of source code. Otherwise, the “open source” label has limited practical meaning beyond its first-glance appeal.

In this white paper, you’ll read about how and why this involvement has a long-term positive impact on your ability, as a buyer, to get the most possible value from your deployment of an open source Big Data platform based on Hadoop. You’ll also learn how to evaluate your vendor for meeting this requirement.

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