What browsers does MyCloudera Support?

MyCloudera is validated and tested against the latest evergreen browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) and I.E. 11.  For more information please see our supported browsers policy.

Can I use MyCloudera on my Mobile Device?

Currently MyCloudera is best optimized for the Desktop Experience. While you are able to use the site on your mobile or tablet device, some features may be less than optimal. We are currently working on enhancing the Mobile Experience.

How do I register for a MyCloudera account?

Registration for a MyCloudera account is required in order to access the full functionality of the MyCloudera portal, including: support case creation and viewing, asset management, validations, and CDP upgrade advisor. 

To register for an account, go to https://sso.cloudera.com/register.html to complete the registration form. Please be sure to register using your organization's email address in order to obtain the full functionality of the site. 

After you click the Submit button, you should see a success message that states that you will be sent an email to verify your email and activate your account. 

The email should confirm your username and a link to activate your account. Please click the activation link.

The activation link will then allow you to set your password for your MyC account. 

Return to https://sso.cloudera.com and login. You should be able to access the MyCloudera portal. If you encounter any issues, please reach out to your support or sales representative for more assistance.