Upgrades & Migrations

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Everything you need to upgrade to Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud or migrate to CDP Public Cloud.

NOTE: These resources are designed to inform you of the various options for purchasing and obtaining an entitlement for CDP.  It does not imply any offer for no-cost upgrades or migrations.

CDP Upgrade Guide

Explore how the Cloudera Data Platform connects, manages, and secures the entire data lifecycle, plus the upgrade and migration paths from CDH and HDP to CDP.

CDP Test Drive

Try an interactive tour of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). It's easy to get started: no cloud account, data set, or setup required.

CDP Upgrade Advisor

Discover your custom upgrade path and review the results of your cluster’s prerequisite checks with our CDP Upgrade Advisor utility.

CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.7

Cloudera is pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud (PvC) Base version 7.1.7 and Cloudera Manager version 7.4.4. These releases introduce a direct upgrade path from CDH 6 to CDP Private Cloud Base and roll up all the prior maintenance enhancements from previous releases.

CDF for CDP Public Cloud

CDF for CDP Public Cloud enables Apache NiFi users to run their existing data flows on a managed, auto-scaling platform. With a streamlined way to deploy NiFi data flows and a central monitoring dashboard, it is now easier than ever before to operate NiFi data flows at scale in the public cloud.

Preview CDP Private Cloud 1.3

The latest preview release of Private Cloud Experiences introduces a preview of Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) Experience. Review the Release Notes for information about the new features and known issues of this release.

CDP Private Cloud

CDP Private Cloud is built for hybrid cloud, seamlessly connecting on-premises environments to public clouds with consistent, built-in security and governance. The platform extends cloud-native speed, scale, and economics for the connected data lifecycle.

To see CDP Private Cloud in action, start a trial today. Or start your upgrade to CDP Private Cloud with our step-by-step CDP Upgrade Guide. 

CDP Public Cloud

Create and manage secure data lakes, self-service analytics, and machine learning services without installing and managing the data platform software.

CDP Public Cloud services are managed by Cloudera, but unlike other public cloud services, your data will always remain under your control in your VPC. CDP runs on AWS and Azure, with Google Cloud Platform coming soon.

Migration Webinars

The Path from CDH to CDP

The Path from HDP to CDP

What's New in Private Cloud Base

Free Training

CDP Training Offering

Get up to speed with a free, on-demand training course that walks you through the specific ways that CDP enables both business teams and IT staff to be more productive and explains its capabilities for turning data into actionable insight. Additionally, you'll hear from two customers who have successfully implemented CDP.

New Training

CDP Data Visualization Training

A brand-new course, CDP Data Visualization Training is now available OnDemand. Learn how to connect your data, create and edit datasets and visuals, design dashboards and applications, and use workspaces.

Professional Services

CDP Upgrade and Migration

Upgrade existing CDH and HDP deployments as well as mitigate risks when migrating to CDP DC. Benefit from our expertise to carefully plan, execute, and support your migration.

Additional Resources

Choosing your upgrade or migration path to CDP

Understanding the business and technical factors that impact which upgrade or migration path you choose to get into the Cloudera Data Platform.

Generating and Viewing Lineage through Ozone

Understanding the business and technical factors that impact which upgrade or migration path you choose to get into the Cloudera Data Platform.

What’s New in CDP PVC 7.1.7?

Overview of the CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.7 release, including highlighting key improvements spanning platform management, security, analytic performance, compatibility, and enhancements to the upgrade process.  This blog also dives deeper into two sought-after key features of this release - Impala row filtering and Atlas/Kafka integration.


Build, deploy, and scale

Optimize your time and grow your expertise with detailed tutorials that clearly explain the best way to deploy, use, and manage Cloudera Data Platform (CDP).

Beginner Level

Create a Data Hub on CDP

In response to rapidly changing workloads, learn how to create, resize, and terminate Data Hubs on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP-PC) Public Cloud.

Beginner Level

Data Engineering on CDP

Learn to run a simple Apache Spark ETL job using Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) on Cloudera Data Platform - Public Cloud (CDP-PC).

Beginner Level

From Zero to Query CDP-PC

Analyze datasets using Data Analytics Studio (DAS) and Tableau on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) - Public Cloud.

Beginner Level

Control Data Access on CDP

Using Attribute Based Access Controls (ABAC), classify, restrict, and mask data on Cloudera Data Platform - Public Cloud.

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