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The Cloudera Support Team

Our worldwide team of skilled Hadoop experts represents the industry's largest, most experienced support team dedicated solely to your success.

Predictive Support

The best support prevents issues before they occur. Turn support into a strategic advantage with your Cloudera Diagnostic Bundles.

Proactive Support

Eliminate hassle with customized onboarding, performance, and technical guidance plans derived from known issues and usage patterns.

SLA-Based Support

Cloudera's Customer Operations Engineers are stationed around the globe ready to engage your toughest break fix challenges.

The Cloudera Support Team

Cloudera Support is staffed with the industry’s highest quality technical support team for Apache Hadoop whose sole focus is in facilitating your success in operating your CDH cluster in accordance with our support lifecycle policy and support terms and conditions.

These Customer Operations Engineers (COE’s) are spread out in over 17 global locations allowing a follow the sun 24x7 support model. 

Collectively they support tens of thousands of nodes across our subscribers production environments.


Cloudera Predictive Support

The key to Cloudera Predictive Support capabilities is in the diagnostic bundle.

As a Cloudera Enterprise Subscriber it is easy to set up an automated delivery of your clusters diagnostic bundles through the Cloudera Manager Interface. 

When your bundle is received, we will run cluster validation rules against it to build a library of known issues that may be affecting you. 

Critical alerts resulting from these validations will be delivered to you realtime in the form of a support case created on your behalf.


Cloudera Proactive Support

Cloudera’s dedicated Proactive Support unit ensures customers are prepared to benefit from every element of their subscription starting on day one. 

The onboarding process scopes technical assistance to customer requirements, introduces key product documentation and community resources, and assures you can take full advantage of the online support portal to meet your business goals. 


SLA-Based Technical Support

The Cloudera Support team prioritizes your support case based on severity to your operations. The SLAs for initial response and update frequency is dependent upon the severity level as well as your organization’s subscription tier.


Legacy Cloudera SLAs
S1 S2 S3 S4
Initial Response
24x7 Premium Within 15 mins Within 2 hours Within 8 hours Within 24 hours
24x7 Gold Within 1 hour Within 2 hours Within 8 hours Within 24 hours
8x5 Bronze Within 1 business hour Within 2 business hours Within 8 business hours Within 2 business days
Update Frequency
24x7 Premium Every 2 hours Every business day Every 3 business days None
24x7 Gold Every 4 hours Every business day Every 3 business days None
8x5 Bronze Every 4 business hours Every business day Every 3 business days None
Legacy Hortonworks SLAs
S1 S2 S3 S4
Availability Hours
HDP Enterprise Plus; HDP Enterprise; HDF Enterprise; 24x7 24x5 24x5 24x5
IBM Big SQL; IBM Data Science Experience (“DSX”) 24x7 24x5 24x5 24x5
Initial Response
HDP Enterprise Plus; HDP Enterprise; HDF Enterprise; Within 1 hour Within 4 hours Within 8 hours Next business day
IBM Big SQL; IBM Data Science Experience (“DSX”) Within 1 hour Within 4 hours Within 8 hours Next business day

Knowledge Base

A Cloudera Enterprise Subscription or membership in select Partner Programs provides unlimited access to Cloudera’s living body of knowledge built and used by our product experts.  


Troubleshoot your issue and benefit from the collective knowledge our product experts on our support team utilizes.


Technical Service Bulletins

Critical and timely updates regarding Cloudera software, TSBs provide appropriate actions to mitigate any outstanding issues. A library of TSBs are housed within our Knowledge Base, making it easier to search for a resolution for your specific issue.


Cloudera Community

The Cloudera Community provides an interactive forum for developers and administrators to collaborate on best practices, ask your toughest questions, find solutions to real-world technical challenges, and share your tips and insights.


With a Cloudera subscription, your community post can easily be escalated to a case in the event you do not receive a timely answer from the community.  


The Security Response Team

The Cloudera Security Response Team provides a single point of contact for customers and the community to report and provide information on security vulnerabilities in Cloudera products. 

Cloudera's Engineering and Support organizations as well as the external Apache community the Security Response Team work to identify, fix, and communicate security vulnerabilities in all Cloudera products.


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