Supported Browsers Policy

Cloudera is committed to creating an accessible and consistent cross browser experience when interacting with our SSO and Customer Portals. To ensure we're successfully supporting our customers' needs we regularly review site traffic data from authenticated and unauthenticated web sessions to identify the browsers most commonly used by our customers.

To ensure a secure experience when interacting with our portals, we also limit browser support to the so called 'evergreen' browsers. These are browsers that receive regular and automatic security updates from the browser manufacturer. To successfully interact with our portals and features a customer's browser must meet the following requirements:

  1. The browser must be configured to accept both first and third party cookies. 
  2. The browser must have javascript enabled. 
  3. The browser must be capable of 256-bit SSL encryption.

In addition, some customers have experienced issues while authenticating due to local network firewall settings. To successfully authenticate to cloudera web properties your network firewall must allow traffic to


We validate and test against the latest version and support recent versions of the following browsers:


Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge